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Welcome to ClientSpark
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We are a team of independent productivity specialists who come together to help organizations drive better results. With a special focus on Sales Performance, each member of the ClientSpark team brings a proven set of capabilities to the table. Together, the team delivers maximum value in a timely and cost-effective way.

ClientSpark engagements run the gamut from lead generation, sales training, and CRM deployment to eMarketing campaigns, social media strategy, and web design.

Today’s marketplace is one of great challenge, constant change, and fierce competition. As sales leaders are asked to do more with less, success will come to those who develop solid bench strength internally, and who engage the right external resources, in the right way, at the right time. 

Let ClientSpark help you make it happen!

Calendar of Events
Check back soon for a listing of future events.

Lead Generation Campaigns
It all begins with a lead. ClientSpark begins each lead generation campaign with an assessment of leads from existing channels.

Business Intelligence eNewsletter Programs
ClientSpark manages a number of eNewsletter campaigns, distributing a new publication each month (or quarter) to suspects, prospects, and clients.

CRM Selection/Implementation/ Optimization 
Customer Relationship Management technology can be a boost or burden to driving effective Sales Performance.