If you’ve ever outsourced a complex project, you know how time-consuming it is to manage multiple service providers. Each vendor comes with strong credentials, but no experience in working with the other vendors on your project. Before long, you’re spending hours coordinating communications from one vendor to the next. 

Enter ClientSpark

One capable team of sales support professionals who are in lock-step with each other. ClientSpark specialists know each other well. We’ve worked together on dozens of projects. At key project milestones, we’ll provide you with ONE comprehensive report, capturing progress to date, a timeline of next steps for each specialist, and valuable business insight gleaned every step of the way. 

Here’s a look at our most popular solution packages: 

Lead Generation Campaigns 

“Everybody knows prospecting is important, but it’s often the one activity that’s neglected most.” 

It all begins with a lead. ClientSpark begins each lead generation campaign with an assessment of leads from existing channels. Everyone must be in total agreement as to what constitutes a lead, to make sure sales agents are spending time on the right opportunities.

Key activities include:

  • Interviews with sales agents to map out current prospecting techniques
  • Identification of best practices to be shared/developed across the team
  • Identification of trouble spots to be corrected or eliminated
  • Develop new learning modules, specific to your situation and value proposition, with proven techniques to be layered over existing methodology
  • Incorporate blended approach to learning, with a mix of instructor-led sessions (to be delivered by the sales manager or by ClientSpark) and self-study modules for sales agents to revisit key principles, as needed
  • Fine-tune CRM fields and reporting to help sales leaders better connect prospecting efforts to sales results
  • Archive all learning content for use in future new hire training 

Business Intelligence eNewsletter Programs 

“Our company provides many different products and services. Sometimes, our salespeople aren’t sure where to probe first in their prospecting conversations.” 

ClientSpark manages a number of eNewsletter campaigns, distributing a new publication each month (or quarter) to suspects, prospects, and clients. “Open” and “click” activity reports reveal valuable insight to enhance prospecting conversations.

 Here’s a quick look at how this program unfolds:

  • Each issue includes a fast-paced mix of original and third-party content, covering an assortment of needs topics
  • Newsletters are branded to the individual sales agent and include a picture and personalized message to build relationships
  • Sales agents can quickly see exactly who opens the message, as well as specific links clicked by each recipient
  • Armed with this valuable insight, sales agents can be much more effective in
    follow-up conversations, opening with questions around topics of greatest interest
  • Sales leaders receive detailed activity reports for each sales agent, setting the stage for better coaching discussions 

CRM Selection/Implementation/Optimization 

Customer Relationship Management technology can be a boost or burden to driving effective Sales Performance.

“We invested significant time and money in our CRM technology, but we’re just not getting what we need.”

Is your CRM poised to deliver the insight you need to lead your team effectively? How accurate are your forecasting reports? How diligent are your sales agents at inputting key data and activity? Whether you are just starting out with a CRM selection process or looking to optimize existing technology, ClientSpark can help. Selecting the right technology is only part of the equation. The translation of your business requirements into the technology is the key to successful deployment.

Sample Process CRM Selection

  • Document current state and processes
  • Work with your team to develop optimized future state
  • Build detailed functional requirements
  • Find suitable vendors based on budget and requirements
  • Organize product demonstrations
  • Process vendor requests for quotations
  • Project total ownership cost and ROI analysis
  • Assist in final comparison and selection

Sales 2.0 – Engaging Social Media to Drive Business 

“All this talk about Social Media, Twitter, LinkedIn – I’m just not sure it’s right for our business.” 

There’s no doubt about it. The web is changing how we do business. Strategies that worked just a few years ago are falling short in today’s content-rich, search-driven world. Social Media is not a fit for all situations, but ClientSpark has been very successful in helping clients better understand the Web 2.0 landscape, particularly as it impacts their relationships with clients, partners, and even the competition. Admittedly, this is one solution set where no two engagements look alike.

Here’s a sampling of engagements in the social media space: 

  • Create blogs to catch the eyes of new prospects (and search engines). Sometimes, we’re even writing or editing blog posts. Added value comes through back-end analytics and by indexing key comments posted on industry blogs
  • Expand both the company’s and individual’s presence on LinkedIn to drive more inquiries and referrals. Share best practices for leveraging Groups, Discussion Boards, and 2nd & 3rd degree introductions to new prospects
  • Create webinar platforms and/or content to enhance thought leadership and increase prospecting conversations
  • Website redesign and content development to further engage prospects and clients

Invest just one hour in a conversation with ClientSpark and we’ll come back to you with all kinds of possibilities to explore on your own or in partnership with us.